Croatia Croatia Croatia. OH MY GOD.

A rather wet September day in Tallinn, Estonia.

Tram no. 4 is heading to airport and I am inside it. Only few stops before the airport. I am much more scared about not buying a tram ticket than leaving Estonia for 8 months. I reach the airport and from then on, everything goes smoothly. Everything is well with my baggage, and e-tickets, i get through airport security with my weirdly looking backbag, I grab my second coffee of the day, wait for an hour, and off I go. Aircaft lands on second attempt in Vienna, Austria. Now it is ony 250 kilometres and few hours before I reach my destination land Croatia.

Towards everything new

Horvaatia Croatia Hrvatska Ozalj Ozalj Ozalj

I am participating in EVS project, volunteering for LAG Vallis Colapis, here in Ozalj, Croatia. Why I decided to do this? I have answerd this question to myself and that’s it. I felt it’s a right decision. That I have to do this. If not now, then when? So HERE I AM, looking forward to everything Ozalj has to offer. 

Mina Me Ja

Who am I? Who knows… I don’t.

I was born in 1996 on a rather cold October day, a bit after that my parents named me Taavi. It’s 2017 now, I am still Taavi.

Back in Estonia, I was (and I will continue) studying blacksmithing and jewelry in Estonian Academy of Arts. I’m fond of art, poetry, theatre, love,……. LIFE. I am fond of life.




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